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FGX Evo Tire Adaptor Rings, for 1 Pair of Shimizu F1 Tires

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All CNC machined delrin adaptor rings to allow mounting of Shimizu F104 and Tamiya TCS F104 tires onto 3Racing FGX foam wheel sets (#FGX-117).

This "must have" for carpet and cool weather racing allows the use of softer, high grip compounds on your FGX.

Simply CA glue the machined rings into place on the wheels to achieve perfectly true mounting of the Shimizu F104 tires onto your wheels.

1 adaptor set is enough to mount 2 tires, either front or rear.

Remember to wash all rings, wheels and tires before gluing and drill a vent hole in the wheels before mounting the tires.

Tires, wheels and CA glue are required.