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F6 Adjustable Front Camber Arm Set

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Thise heavy duty CNC machined arm set allows you to make quick and precise camber and caster adjustments on the fly. Want to try a little more camber or a little less caster? Now you can make changes on the track without having to disassemble the front end of the car. In fact, you won't even need to remove the body! Spend more time track testing and less time bench warming.

The arm set is precision machined for the smoothest arm movement and more durable than stock to better absorb hard impacts and remain tweak free.


  • 7075 alloy caster adjusters
  • Smooth action machined delrin camber adjusters
  • Alloy swivel balls for upper nylon arms
  • Alloy 4.8mm pivot balls
  • Hardened steel 3mm turnbuckles and hardware
  • Heavy duty nylon ball cups